Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Car

David and I have officially entered parent status, purchasing a car "for the baby" on Friday.  We decided that it's Big Mac's car, since we weren't planning on buying new cars until ours died.

However, we're planning at least 3 trips to Kansas in the next 5 weekends (Lindy's shower, Lindy's wedding, and K-State/Mizzou game) and realized that Big Mac requires a lot of STUFF.  There was no way all his accessories would fit in either of our cars along with all the junk David and I require.  On top of that, David's been obsessed with finding a safer (read: bigger) vehicle for our little man.

So we bit the bullet and bought a Ford Edge.  I love it.  I had actually been interested in it for a few months (pre Maclin) as a pipe dream.  Then my parents bought one and I got to drive and play with it.  FANCY.  I was smitten.

We bought a much more scaled down version than my parents, but it's still got some pretty awesome feature. For example, it has voice dial AND an I-Pad-like touch screen.  Basically, it's way complicated and I'll probably never figure it out.

On another note, I had been taking pictures of various Edge stickers to compare different dealerships.  Last night, I was trying to delete some of these pictures off my phone and managed to post one to Facebook.  It wasn't the Edge we ended up buying, but it totally seemed like a douche-bag move to post the sticker of a car  on Facebook.  I deleted it as soon as I realized, but so not classy.

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  1. It's probably for the best that you guys bought that new car. Really, when kids enter the equation, it's best to consider safety and comfort for them when it comes to cars and whatnot. Well, I hope it serves you well in those trips to Kansas and beyond!