Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day weekend

I think David had a great Father's Day weekend.  The highlight of the weekend was most definitely going to the Cardinals/Royals game on Friday night...and sitting in the always glorious green seats (courtesy of David's generous parents).  

Obviously, being from Kansas, I was excited to see the Royals.  I was really lucky that David considers himself a true Royals fan and could tell me who the various player are.  Let's get real-- I have no idea who anyone is, I just enjoy the ballgame environment.
 See?  Already enjoying myself during the Royals batting practice.

 David says Billy Butler is good.  I would assume so--he is a giant of a man.

 The seats are awesome--see how close we were to the World Series MVP?  That doesn't happen every day!

We even managed to get a picture with FredBird after the game--he was less than thrilled about our Royal's attire, as evidenced by his attempt to eat my husband's hat.

On Saturday, David got to go golfing.  He loves to golf and I love that I don't have to go :)

Sunday, I made David the breakfast of his life.
Lucky man.

 In the afternoon we went to the Cardinal's game as a family.  It was a LONG game, and Big Mac put his foot down about leaving at the end of the 11th inning.    He was a trooper, except when I tried to take a father/son picture.

 Luckily, he managed to tolerate a shot on our way out.

Amazingly, the Royals won both games we attended.  I might call that a miracle.

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