Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Go Girl Half Marathon

On the Saturday of Memorial Day, I ran a half marathon in Columbia with some awesome girls.  It was my pal Lesli's first half marathon--it was so great to run with someone who was experiencing a race like this for the first time.

The high in Columbia that day was 96... which made it the hottest race I've ever run.  However, it was also one of the best run--every mile or so there were people with ice and water helping us cool off.  I was super impressed by this run!

After the race, we received fancy wine glasses and an awesome medal...but the kicker was that we got to go to a winery!

 Yay winery!  The trip to the A-Frame was made possible by Dan and Debra coming to town and watching Mac for us. 
 The next morning we got a little swim in at the hotel and then an extended checkout so Maclin could take a needed nap...David and I also got a little nap in too, which was glorious.

After our naps, we went to watch Mizzou play in the softball super regionals.  It was SUPER hot, but Mac handled it like a trooper, even when I had to put sunblock on his baby head so that his scalp wouldn't burn.

Luckily, the sunblock made a baby mohawk possible. 

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