Friday, June 29, 2012

Peace Corps Email #1

I got some interested feedback on posting various and assorted angst-filled emails from my Peace Corps days, so I think I'm going to go ahead and do that.  I might start a random offshoot of this blog, but for now I'll just post them here.

I need to go in and clean up some things (and clear some content with Midnight Pony) before posting the angsty ones, but I thought I would start out with some of the mass emails I set home to set the stage.

Enjoy my first email home, creatively titled "Getting Started."

September 8, 2004

Hello Friends, Family, and Well-wishers,

Welcome to the first mass e-mail of my Peace Corps service.  I'm in DC now, learning about what's going
to happen tomorrow when I finally fly to Moldova...get excited!  There are 35 other people in my group
and they all seem pretty cool.  Not too many of the boys are cute, though. Tear, tear. 
Story:  Yesterday my uncle was on my flight and he took me to the hotel I'm staying at.  On the way,
though, he stopped at the state house to watch an ambassador be sworn in.  Long story short: I got to
see Colin Powell in person!  Of course, I was wearing my big ugly boots, but I don't think he really
noticed!  Woo!  Colin Powell!
Alright, I don't know how often I'll be able to check my e-mail after tomorrow, so I want to remind you ALL
to write me often, as I will be a good pen pal... come on, you know you want to be my pen pal.

Talk to you later-- hopefully if my village has electricity!


Darcie "My luggage is heavy!" Brownback
Everyone in my group.

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