Monday, June 11, 2012

Twin Springs

On June 3, my grandparents hosted an open house for the church he rehabbed.

This church was an old, abandoned building on his land for as long as I can remember--it was used for storage of odds and ends.  For the past few years, Grandpa (and various family members) has been working hard to restore the church to it's former beauty.

Below, you can see a before and after...copied from the program.
The amount of work put into this building is just outstanding--walls, windows, floors, jacking up a corner of the building that was lower.  Pretty much everything in this building needed work...which is to be expected, considering that it had been empty since it closed in 1957.

Grandma and Grandpa think that over 200 people came by for the open house-- even some people that came were former childhood members of the church before it closed.
 Mac and I flew into Kansas on Saturday and headed straight to Grandma's house to spend time with the family.

Mac had a blast at the party--going all afternoon without a nap and loving attention from anyone who would make eye contact with him.

 During this family picture, Mac wouldn't leave Uncle Larry's hair alone...I imagine it was hard to smile with some grubby hands yanking on you.
 Awww, my grandparents are cute.

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