Friday, October 22, 2010

Bad Owner.

Maggie Roo has a Puppy Date this weekend, and she insisted on not stinking to high heaven before the date.

I can't figure out why... don't dogs like stank?

Anyway, I took her to U-Do-It Dog Wash and scrubbed her clean. She even got oatmeal shampoo and blueberry facial scrub.  Towards the end, I decided that her nails were too long but that I didn't want to pay the extra $8 to have someone else do it.

My dad's a veterinarian, I reasoned...surely I should be able to clip my own dog's nails.

Of course I should be able to clip them myself.  Unfortunately, I am terrible at it.  

Maggie bled.  It was horrible.

She was still bleeding when we got home.  
I tied her up in the front yard and waited for a bit.

Still bleeding...only now there was blood all over our porch.

I tried tamping the flow with flour (advise from Poppa-Bear last time I injured my baby).

Still with flour everywhere.

After I while, I decided that only time could heal this...
so I wrapped her paws (just 2) in paper towels and then in two plastic bags, securing with tape.
She hates her life.

Poor baby

Needless to say, she survived, but I felt terrible.  She was miserable for the few hours I made her stay tied up.  At least she got a rockin' bandanna out of the deal.

No more nail clipping for me.

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