Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lewis and Clark Half Marathon

The weekend was a success!  I ran 20 miles Saturday morning (with relative ease, no less) and then was snazzily cleaned up in time for David's birthday dinner.
Man, I like it when we dress up.  Woo-hoo!

The next morning, I crawled out of bed at 4:30 to run the Lewis and Clark Half Marathon...shesh, was that early.

Jess was ready for her first half.... how excited does she look?
It was SUPER cold at the race start!  I had to do a quick outfit change in the car for some extra warmth!
I decided to carry my camera on the trip... because I thought it would be cool to document a race and for Jess to have some extra photos :)
Plus, I got a picture of the juggler I see on Grant's Trail.
How cool is this?
I can't juggle, running or not.
I think this is at mile 8 or so... still feeling good.

Here, we can see the finish line...
And, man... are my legs sore.  
Finisher!  She worked really hard--and finished without a second of walking in 2:35 even (Garmin time).
Happy day!!!!

Congrats to Jess on finishing her first half--the first one is the best feeling and I'm happy she let me be a part of it.

My body, however, wasn't so thrilled. I put on my compression socks as soon as I had showered and didn't take them off until I left for work the next day.  Monday was a little rough :)  I might think long and hard about running 33 miles in a single weekend, but it was totally worth it this time.

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