Monday, October 18, 2010


Over the weekend, Mom and I traveled out to Seattle to help Lindy find her wedding dress.

It was a blast, but more so after we found a school bus that became our motto for the trip.

That's right.  Stop whining.  I said it out loud when I saw it and Mom gave me the stink eye because she thought I was saying it to Lori (Jon's mom).  I wasn't, but it was interesting that Mom can still put the fear of God in me.

Our first stop was J.Crew, where Lindy made me try on some bridesmaid's dresses.

This one was a little skimpy for me..... probably a no.

Not deterred at J. Crew, Lindy and I bought matching skirts.  

For Lindy's sake, I won't post any pictures of her in wedding dresses on here....except for this one.  
We were at a shop where they didn't "allow" photographs, so I had to sneak this one....that arm you see is actually our helper trying to block my camera with her hand.  Seriously.  Weird.
This one....not a winner.  We called it Lasagna.  It looked like she was wearing massive amounts of lasagna noodles.  No so much her dream dress.

After dress shopping all day, I headed out for my long run.  Lindy & Jon live right next to an awesome trail that runs by a lake and a canal.  Since the weather was cool (for once!!!), I had a great, scenic run.  My 16-miler flew by :)

On the way to dinner, Mom and I were a little cold, so we ended up buying matching puffy vests.  Apparently, I only like clothing that other people in my family also own.

Upon returning home, I learned that Wilson loves lettuce.
The next morning, we headed down to the Market where Lindy and I posed in front of flowers wearing our new skirts.
Dork City, USA.

 The market was awesome... like Soulard times a million with WAAAY more flowers. 

 And fish.

On the way out, we passed a wall of gum by a theater.  
Apparently, this tradition started when people were forced to spit out gum before entering a theater.


 I rebelled by blowing a bubble and keeping my gum.

Such a dare-devil.

Next, we took the ferry to a cute little island.

I saw a pony.... also bought a knitting pattern and ate some good chowder.  

Happy island day.

We were running a little behind on our return, so the family forced me to sprint ahead and buy ferry tickets.

It was a little different to run in boots, a skirt, hose, and a vest.

However, we made the ferry with 45 seconds to spare...which was good, except for I bought tickets that we didn't need.

No whining says the bus.

On the return trip, we had some photo ops.
Note the progression of the outfit....Mom and I in matching vests and Lindy and I in matching skirts.

Such nerds.
And it goes a step further.... notice that Lori and Lindy both have on white puffy vests while Mom and Lori both have on jeans.

It goes full circle.

Jon refused to participate, but I can't figure out why.

I have a ton more pictures....but most are of Lindy in various dresses.  In the end she bought one and it was perfect.  We also got to go to the flagship REI store, where Mom found her outfit to walk the half marathon on November 7th.   Exciting!

Great weekend.

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  1. Well, on the plus side, you know you're a dork :)