Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Saturday Shame

So on Saturday morning, I spent a couple hours collapsed on the couch trying to motivate myself to go run.  I ended up on the couch because Maggie Roo was nosing for love and forced me out of bed earlier than I wanted.... Boo, Roo!   To get some peace, just let her outside...without much consideration for my appearance.

There I am, in a pile on the couch wearing a sloppy t-shirt and underpants.  I didn't have the energy to put on pants, even though the front door was wide open (David left it that way on his way to Columbia).

All of the sudden, my neighbor came and pounded on the front door, yelling my name.  I ran to the office to grab a dress, but not before he got a show.  Since he seemed urgent, I headed his way before the dress properly covered all of my exposed portions, tugging as I went.

Oh the shame.

Turns out, David left the side gate a smidgen open as he left and Maggie had gone exploring the neighborhood in search of affection and food.  Mostly food, I'm guessing.

After I rescued Maggie Roo, I called David.  We've decided that two things need to change.  He needs to shut the gate and I need to wear pants around the house.

I'm slightly embarrassed to see my neighbor now...not only did I prove myself as an owner who doesn't pay attention to the whereabouts of my pet, I also don't follow social norms of being fully clothed in front of open doors/windows.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is the same guy who spends most of the summer sunbathing shirtless in his driveway.



  1. This is hilarious, good for you. Sometimes even underwear is optional when my roommate isn't home, haha!