Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fur Baby Love

It's no secret that I love my dog.


I mean, how can you not?
Yes, I realize that you can see a shoe, a receipt, and a pen in the picture.  
I'm gestating! Give me a break!

At any rate, one of Maggie's main attributes is her relative lack of energy.  
She's mostly not interested in toys or walks or fetching...really anything where she would have to be active.
She IS interested in treats, and is willing to do pretty much anything to get one.

However, since I found out I'm preggo, Maggie's temperament has changed a bit...
She wants to play!
It's weird!
She's been carrying around her various toys--a bone, a gorilla, and a raccoon.
None of which she cared about 6 months prior.

All this new-fangled energy is great...except for the stuffed toys. 
They turn the house into a dump.

If she weren't so darn cute, I would be bitter about it.
Personally, I think Maggie Roo's trying to stock up on love before the baby comes.

Has anyone else seen pet changes in pregnancy?  

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  1. Probably shouldn't share this, but when I was pregnant every dog knew it. They flocked to me, and my nether-regions, like crazy. I think the therapy do at school kinda gave it away. Anytime he and I were in the same room, he was glued to me!