Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gallery Wall... someday

I've decided that I want to put a gallery wall in our living room.

I'm pretty much a sucker for everything Young House Love (LINK) does, but my sister-in-law Cher has one in her house too, and I think it looks neat.

Aside: Young House Love's birth story yesterday (LINK) freaked me out.
I think I might have cried.
Hormones, people.

So, I gathered a bunch of frames we had in corners and drew their shapes onto paper.
I then taped the paper to the wall and moved it around for about 2 hours.
David thought I was crazy.  He also thinks that gallery walls look cluttered, but I let him turn the basement into Mizzou-Threw-Up-Here Land, so he knows to be quiet about my decorating choices :)

Anyway, after all this taping, here's the layout I think I'm going with.
So, yeah, I have no idea what that blob is in the photo...
but it was in all of them.  Ghost?
Also, ignore the debris.  
I can't be bothered to clean before photographing, obviously.

Right now, I think it looks smashing.  
This weekend, my plan is to get all the frames hung and slowly start filling them with items. 
Right now, only 4 frames (and the B) have decor on the inside...and I kind of like that.  It gives me room to add photos/memorabilia of The Cactus.

I'll share photos when I get it done!


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