Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

 After the storm scare of the weekend, David and I were excited to learn that the only damage was broken glass on our side storm door.  It's actually a door we've been meaning to replace since we moved in, so we're not upset at all...and, as a bonus, Jess cleaned up a lot of the glass when she came by to let Maggie Roo out, so we didn't even have to do that!  
Thanks, Jess, by the way :)

Our church had Easter service at The Pageant, which was awesome.  
They had some of the best snacks, including candy-coated peeps.
I don't normally go for peeps, but if you dip it in candy, I'm there!

I spent a lot of the afternoon lazing around the house, 
but did manage to get the window treatments completed for the nursery! 
Aren't they neat?  I used this link as a tutorial.  
I think, with fabric, the whole project cost less than $10 for both windows.

Here's the fabric I chose--on sale from Joanne's!  
It's got navy, yellow, and lime green.

Things are coming together for The Cactus!

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