Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If this subject freaks you out, go ahead and close your browser.  
Because we're talking about knockers here.
My knockers.

I had a meeting today where one of the participants was a teacher who has been on maternity leave for the past three months, returning about two weeks ago.  I hadn't seen this teacher since before Christmas.  She sat down next to me, and she asked me if I was pregnant.  

When I said yes, she congratulated me and said 
she thought I might be after our meeting last week.

Which is interesting, because I am always sitting during these meetings and people generally arrive after me and leave before me...never seeing me standing or without a table in front of the gut area.

She explained that she had noticed the increased size of my boobs last week and asked random people if I was pregnant.  Upon receiving confirmation, she felt comfortable enough to congratulate me.

This very well might have been the highlight of my day.  Especially when she got flustered and explained that she didn't normally spend time looking at my chest...
she was just super conscious about that part of her body (with a new baby) and was hyper-alert.

It got me to big are the girls?  
Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?
January 8th
This was when I first felt really self-conscious about the girls, at Uncle Sam's inauguration...but I still had 6 months to go until The Cactus's ETA.
Jan 29
And here I am at Law School Prom, less than a month later.  
Maybe it's the angle, but yikes.

In order to complete this post, I decided to dig out the dress and see how things are progressing....
April 13
Um, hello.
Even if you ignore the lack of makeup, weird facial thing, and bad lighting, this is still scary.

My boobs are getting bigger, but I appear to be getting less attractive.
Yes, for both of the first ones it was an event so I "tried' to look nice, but still.

And, so everyone can enjoy, here's a bit more of the body... 

I'm thinking this dress is less flattering now than it was.

But back to the knockers...
are they going to get even bigger during breastfeeding?

That thought is horrifying.

I might need to invest in a back brace of some sort.


  1. This post is cracking me up!! The answer is yes. If you think they're big now, wait until you get some milk in those babies! LOL

  2. i love you, giant boobs and all! :) ha!

  3. Haha boobs and belly are what pregnancy is all about. I know my boobs have gotten bigger because none of my bras fit anymore but they haven't gotten nearly as big as yours.

  4. My boobs arrive in a room about 20 minutes before me. I wish I was kidding.

    OK, I'm kidding, but I started off big and they still jumped a size and a half. They are of ridiculous proportions now.