Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paddle Boats

When I arrived home from work on Friday, David informed me that Maggie Roo had planned our evening activity.  
Apparently, she had been surfing on the internet and discovered that DOGS are allowed on the paddle boats in Forest Park!

Yeah, I didn't buy that Maggie found the activity either, but sometimes it's easier not to argue with David :)

So we loaded up the car and headed to Forest Park.
Maggie was happy.  

She actually did very well on the boat...
mostly she leaned over the sides and drank water.

And she stared at ducks.
Luckily, my Roo-Bear was a good girl and didn't jump in.

David was a trooper and did most of the paddling...for several reasons.
1. I wore a dress and it's hard to be lady-like when paddling without pants.  Yipes.
2. My knees kept knocking into my baby bump.  
The Cactus responded by kicking me back.
3.  It was hot and I'm gestating.

What a good sport!

After paddling around for about 90 minutes, we had dinner at the Boat House--and Maggie was allowed to join us!  
There was a Saint Bernard two tables away from us, so people seldom asked if they could pet her, which was fine by her.  
She was busy napping.

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