Monday, July 11, 2011

Awesome Gifts

Over the weekend, David and I received some really awesome baby gifts.  We've been blessed with really generous family and friends and we (impatiently) await the arrival of The Cactus, but these two really shone.

David's mom, Debra, came to town and DEEP CLEANED our entire house.

I'm looking around right now--and I can't get over how clean this place is.  It might be that we've both slacked on cleaning over the summer (what with gestating and bar studying) but the more honest truth is that we're fairly lacks-a-daisial with our cleaning in general.  We'll clean a room (kitchen, bathroom, etc) or a surface (floors, etc), but rarely take the time to clean EVERYTHING.  And clean it well.  Debra did a bang-up the Cactus needs to come before we screw it up and see how clean the house can be.

Come on, Cactus.

The second gift was this book from our friends Mike and Nellie.
I had actually been coveting this book for a LONG time.  I don't think I'm supposed to read it out loud to the little guy... at least when he can understand profanity.  But this book is AWESOME.

The physical book can probably only be topped by listening to Samuel L. Jackson read it out loud.  Check out the link.

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