Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maclin's First Mail

Maclin's dad has been out of town since last Friday.
He doesn't want to be, but the bar exam was scheduled without our input and he made the sacrifice for us.

We miss him, but I think this has been far harder on David than it has on Maclin and me. 
Plus, I have my mom in town taking care of him and me.

Since David missed him so much, he decided that Maclin's first piece of mail should arrive from his father.
Big Mac's waaaay more excited than he looks in this picture.

Check it out! 
I don't think there's any confusion who was the gift giver here.

The present is great...but it'll be better when David finishes the bar today and comes home.

In other news, Maclin's being a great baby.  At his baby doctor appointment on Monday, he had already gained 3 oz since leaving the hospital.  My chunk is a good eater!

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  1. Ha! Mac is going to be so confused on to who to like he's going to end up being a Baylor fan. :)