Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Baby

They did another ultrasound on my belly yesterday...and discovered that The Cactus is clocking in at 9 lbs.  He's apparently a good grower, because that's 10 oz more than he weighed on the 5th.  Yep, less than a week...10 ounces.

God Help Me.

According to the doctor, I'm not able to be induced yet.  There's some medical formula (which I googled at one point and then promptly forgot) where if you meet certain thresh holds, you're less likely to require a c-section if induced.  As of yesterday, odds were about 60% that an induction would end in c-section.

I don't want a c-section...so no baby yet.

However, I think my doctor's just as freaked out about the size as I am...so he's said that we will induce next Monday or Tuesday.

Maybe he saw this article...

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  1. Hang in there! The end is in sight....here's hoping that the weight estimate is + or -2lbs is towards the minus end of it!!
    By the way...we've been using Flips when traveling....Love Them!!