Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nursery Finished!

Mom and Dad came to town over the weekend to do some basic house maintenance for  us.

Thank God, because the day before they came, our garage door went out and the AC started leaking water.

At this stage in my pregnancy, I don't handle things as rationally as I once would.  The AC thing had me crying until my mom (via Grandpa) informed me that air conditioners work by removing humidity from the air and leaking isn't a crisis.  Then I remembered that I have the internet and figured out a quick fix on my own.

A year ago, I could have done all of that but skipped the crying part.  Hormones!

One of the most awesome parts about them coming is that now the nursery is finished...Dad hung the window and the bookshelves that he built and Mom painted.

Now The Cactus can come any time.

Which is good, because yesterday they estimated that he weighed 8lb 6oz.


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  1. It looks perfect! You kids did a great job. BTW I uploaded the breastfeeding handouts. You can find it in the top bar of my blog :) Good luck with these final 10 days!