Sunday, July 17, 2011

No baby consolation prize

Unfortunately, the baby decided not to show up today...sad. Mom and Dad are in town, so I spent the afternoon walking around the AVMA exhibition hall (after being snuck in by a former teacher, Mrs. Payne) for several hours. I learned it's waaaaaaaaaay more entertaining to tell people "yesterday" when they ask my due date. The reactions are usually a combination of impressed and sympathetic, which I figure is ok.

The coolest part of the day, without a doubt, was WINNING AN IPAD!!!! Dad was talking to his flea medicine sales guy, and I asked to try a key to see if I would win. Miracles of miracles, the box popped open and I almost went into labor.


Thinking this was a sign, Mom had me get some lottery tickets on the way home...and I won $2 in scratchers.


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