Monday, April 23, 2012

9 Months!

Our little stinker turned 9 months old on Friday!
I cannot believe how big he is--especially with those 7 teeth.  He looks like a little boy when he grins and you can see every sharp one of them :)

To celebrate his birthday, we took him bowling for the first time!

Ok, it wasn't really to celebrate for Mac--we went bowling and then tried to tell him that it was his birthday party.

 Luckily, Mac doesn't understand and was happy just to chill on the floor with some toys and our mood-lifter, juice.
I think watching the bowling balls and all the little kids running around was really interesting to him.

At 9 months, Maclin is crawling like a champ--he prefers army-crawling at this point, but does "regular" crawl when the mood suits him.  He's pulling up on everything--furniture and my legs and wanting to be helped to walk around.

He's eating like a champ--I'm slowly introducing new foods and there's nothing he won't eat.  Right now white bean chicken chili (special baby-friendly recipe) is his favorite.  He loves things that have tons of flavor--no blah baby food for Maclin!

He babbles constantly--staying in church with us is not an option at this stage.  

His hair has gotten REALLY blond--I'm still hopeful that a little red will emerge, but he's a blondy right now.

Look at the changes as Big Mac ages!

Just born

3 months

6 months
9 months

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