Thursday, April 26, 2012

Running...another half

Despite my relatively rough half marathon a few weeks ago, I am signed up to do another on May 27th.

Um.... yeah.  I'm not sure how motivated I am for this.  However, after feeling like horse crap after the last one, I am motivated to finish the race in better form this time.

I found a new training plan which only required me to run 4 days a week and seemed doable-- Mondays and Fridays I run 3 miles, Wednesdays I run a moderate (6-8 miles) amount, and Saturdays I do a long run (up to 12 miles).  This fits well into my existing schedule...except for Wednesdays.  I can't manage 6 miles before needing to pick up the kidlet.

Luckily, David is SUPER supportive--he's committed to being home every Wednesday so that I can leave and go for a run.

David would have agreed to this for the first half post-Mac, but I wasn't interested or motivated in following a schedule.  I think I really needed to do poorly on the first half to convince myself that real training is worth it and actually works.

To even things out... I have also committed to being the primary caregiver for Mac every Monday night so that David can play softball.  Every other night we're shared duties all the way :)

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