Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Biking Man

For Easter, Mac got a present that really benefits me...but I decided that it was going to be Mac's gift.

How much longer can I pull that off?  Pretty soon he's going to know that something I want isn't really a gift for him.

Anyway, for Easter, Mac received...a bike trailer!
 Obviously, the kid adores it :)

 He adored it more when he realized that he could chew on the various cords.
On Sunday, after getting the kiddo on a helmet, we took the cart on it's inaugural ride.  And, man alive, that sucker makes it harder to ride my bike!  Hills are a bit tougher lugging that thing and the kiddo.  It might be that my bike has road tires on it and I'm fairly certain that they're not for carrying loads.

At any rate--I am excited to pull Mac to the pool this summer!

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