Monday, April 2, 2012

Best Saturday

Over the weekend, I had the best Saturday possible.

I woke up at 7 and took Maclin on an 8 mile run in glorious weather--it was warmish, but not too warm.  Tons of people were out on the trail and a bunch of them told me that Mac was cute.  
That always makes my day :)

I ran home, showered, and then packed Mac back up to meet my friend Beth and her baby Niamh at the farmer's market.  We bought a bunch of veggies and then let the kiddos play for a while.

Niamh then crawled away.  Since she's much faster than Mac, he opted to stay in place and play with her discarded orange.  And some grass.

After that, I dropped Mac back off at home and headed out to meet Martha and Laura for pedicures.  That took quite a bit less time than we expected, so we got some frozen yogurt.  Yum.

Then book club met up and saw THE HUNGER GAMES.  I loved the books--and I loved the movies.  I purposefully did not reread the book before seeing the movie because I wanted it to be "new" again.  And it was awesome.  People cried.  Not going to say who...but people for reals sobbed that happened to be sitting in my row :)

Then book club went to Syberg's and I had what is probably my favorite restaurant drink--their Long Island Iced Tea is awesome.  

To top the evening off, David was watching basketball at our house with some friends... since book club Tara's husband happened to be one of those friends, she came too.  

It was seriously the most perfect day.  Exercise, shopping, personal care, sweets, a movie, friends.  
I hope every Saturday can be as pleasant as that!

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