Monday, April 16, 2012


Sunday was the Go! St. Louis Marathon and Half Marathon.  I've run this race (the half) every year since I started running, but this year Kyle and Cher decided to run it as well.  It was Kyle's first half marathon and Cher's 3rd full marathon.

We had a good time--Kyle enjoyed trying to corrupt my baby, even offering him a beef stick at the expo.
Maclin was less than thrilled when he realized that he couldn't actually eat the beef, but he held onto that thing for a solid half an hour.

The race was tough for me--my training was lackadaisical at best, consisting of 2 3-mile runs during the week and a longer run on Saturdays.  That was totally different than I had in previous years.  Pair that with the fact that the kiddo wasn't a stellar sleeper last week and I was just hoping to finish.

And, to top it off, I glanced down at mile 10 and realized that I had on two different shoes--one was the shoe I was supposed to wear and the other was an older shoe that had been retired but resembled the correct pair.

No wonder my feet hurt!  I have a killer blister on my left foot!

But I did finish--just a smidgen faster than last year, when I was 26 weeks pregnant. 
 I didn't get too down on myself because this little guy was waiting for me at the finish line.  

Oh, and this guy helped too.

Kyle and Cher both did well--Kyle did especially well for his first half marathon, finishing nearly 30 minutes before me.
 Then we celebrated with frozen custard at Ted Drewe's.  Dad defied authority by sitting on the dock when ordered not to by the sign.
Good weekend--glad the race is over!!

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