Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cloth Diaper Decisions

I think I've made a decision on cloth diapers....but David hasn't agreed yet :)

We're going to a cloth diapering class in early April, but I decided to do some sleuthing ahead of schedule.

Last Friday, Mom, Grandma, and I went on a field trip to Cotton Babies.  I actually got to see a lot of various options in person and talk to someone who knows something (i.e. the salesperson) about the differences between the various types.

Before going, I was sold on Bum Genius.  Everyone in the blog-o-sphere LUUUUVVS their Bum Genius, and even the people I could find in person.  Cute colors, economical, done.

However, after looking at the options, I think we're going to go with the Flip System.  Mom and Grandma agreed as well--and they know a heck of a lot more about cloth diapers than I do, each using cloth on 4 children.

Flips, hopefully, will be good for us.  They say you buy 6-10 covers and 24ish inserts.  You wash the inserts every time there's a diaper change, but only need to wash the covers when they're dirty.  And apparently, you'll know when they're dirty.
They're one-sizers, meaning you only buy diaper for all of childhood and then adjust to fit.
However, the biggest selling point was that you can buy disposable inserts as well as regular, washable inserts.  One of the points of concession I made with David in this whole plan was that we could use disposables when traveling, so that we wouldn't have to haul around poop.  However, that frustrated me because I could see us buying disposables and not using them before The Cactus got bigger.  The Flip disposables, however, are one-size (they fold to fit) so the size issue won't be a problem.
Flip: One-Size Diaper Cover

On top of that, the Flip System seems to be the less pricey.  You get a set of 2 covers and 6 inserts for a bit less than $50.  So, if I were going to have a FULL set I would buy 5 packs, for just under $250.
Consider that the Bum Genius runs $53 for a 3 pack or a bit over $200 for a 12 pack.  They you'll need 18-24, so we're already cheaper.
Plus, they say that disposables can cost $50-80 a month...for more than two years.  I can handle not shelling out that much money every month for an initial cost outlay of 4-5 months of diapers.

The do say that the size for these diapers is 7-35 pounds and it may be difficult for newborns to fit in them...however, I have some newborn diapers from a friend, and Mom says that The Cactus should be huge.

Everyone keeps telling me he's going to be huge.  It's kind of freaking me out.

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