Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crib and Rocker!

 The Cactus's Crib is set up!!
He has painted walls,
a musical projection mobile (but the figures will probably change),
a protective father, 
AND a custom crib skirt! 
 I made the crib skirt on Sunday, the last day of my uber-busy spring break....I got the basic tutorial from Young House Love, but sewed my hems instead of using iron-on hem tap and added a pleat in the middle.

I added the pleat primarily because I'm not the world's most precise measurer, and it was far easier to adjust a pleat than deal with me cutting things too small.

It's attached the the frame with velcro...which was a ton cheaper and easier than using another piece of fabric as a base.  I'll probably sew on the velcro eventually...but the stick-on is working for now.

In other news, The Cactus also has a rocking chair.
Mom and I found it at Nebraska Furniture Mart.  
It's actually a piece of patio furniture, but it was super comfy and 
WAY more affordable and any rocker/glider I could find.

Plus, the cushion was already the right color--SCORE!

In sad news, I think the baby takes after me.
Not even born yet and his room is already a mess.
Not a good sign.

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