Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Preggo Party

Sunday evening, I met some people from the internet...and it was awesome.

There's a group of women to message back and for with from BabyCenter who are due in July and live in St. Louis...so we "met" in person on Sunday evening.

It was great to talk to them--we're all basically dealing with the same things and trying to figure out the same things at the same time.  When I got home, I told David it was nice to chat to people about all the freak outs and internal drama I'm having--besides him.  Because as much as I love my husband, he doesn't really understand how annoying/ok it is to give up stuff (tuna!  alcohol! caffeine!) and random quirks (constipation! random pains!).

Plus, one of the girls loaned me an AWESOME knitting book--that has a pattern for an owl in it!

Look out--The Cactus is getting a toy!

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