Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ha!  Running's getting harder...but I need to remember this :)

I'm scheduled to run a half marathon on April 10th, and, as of today, I'm still planning on it.  Sadly, I have not been training the way I know I should.  I'm doing 3-ish runs a week, but they're all 5 miles.  I'm also swimming roughly 3 times a week, so I figure things are ok cardio-wise.

No one thinks this half marathon is a good idea.

And they tell me all the time.

But, luckily, my friend Jess has volunteered to do it with me. She hasn't been training much and has promised my mother that she'll force me to take walking breaks...although I'm thinking it won't be a problem.  On Monday, I had to stop twice to pee on my run.

Breaks are not going to the be problem...round ligament pain is.


Also, for all you doubters...It's ok to run! (Link)


  1. I love it! You go and show them we are not made out of glass while pregnant. Best of luck!!!

  2. Go for it girl! I wish I was still running...I have heard it makes pregnancy and labor/delivery much easier! Tell those naysayers to go away!

  3. My mantra was "pregnancy is not a disease" - repeat as needed. It's a little nicer than "it's my body buzz off."