Tuesday, March 22, 2011


 Over last weekend, Mom and Lindy came into town.  Lindy thought it was to catch her outgoing flight to Seattle.  Little did she know that I had other plans for her, mostly... 
 ...yep, painting my house.

Turns out, she's a good painter.

We got the nursery and the living room painted in two days, which was awesome.  
I was only slightly stressed out that my living room looked like this.
 You may not be able to tell, but all the furniture is shoved to the middle of the room and crap is piled everywhere.
When you empty a guest room, have guests (or, rather, workers) over, and move all furniture, it makes for a chaotic weekend.
 As evidenced by Mom trying to watch the K-State game and eat dinner 3.5 inches from the tv.

During the K-State game, Mom got a call... Lindy's flight was delayed at least 4 hours, and she opted to reschedule a flight out of KC on Monday.  The flight didn't end up leaving St. Louis until nearly 2am, which was NOT the expected 6pm departure.

Unluckily for Lindy, her luggage went on to Seattle...but that's actually a really complicated story in which Lindy spent hours being belligerent on the phone.  
Also unlucky for Mom, who missed the K-State game to go with me to pick up Lindy from the airport.

But lucky for ME because Lindy finished painting the dining room (yay!!!) AND put together the cactus's crib. 

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  1. Got to love family for help! So glad their hiccups helped you!! Looks great.