Monday, March 28, 2011

Garage Sale

The garage sale was a success...but man, alive, I'm glad it's over.

Those things are a lot of work!

Mom & I spent most of the day on Thursday sorting through crap--and attempting to price things.  It amazed me how much stuff we had accumulated.  Both David and I had separate households before our marriage and then received much nicer stuff for our wedding.  We also had a problem with accepting other people's cast-offs...
So the garage sale included 2 sets of pots and pans, 2 sets of silverware, 3 sets of dishes, 1 table, 10 chairs, and LOTS of various items.

Friday morning we woke up to sleeting rain.  We didn't drag anything out of the garage, since it was cold and wet.  We just assumed people wouldn't show up until the weather got nicer, if they showed up at all.

Wrong-o.  People were outside the house at 7:20 am.  Before we had the sign up.

Friday was pretty steady--people bought quite a bit of stuff.  I'm fairly convinced that a lot of people who go to garage sales are just lonely.  We had one lady stick around, chatting, for 45 minutes.  She didn't have most of her front teeth, but she was nice :)

Saturday was much slower, which surprised me.  The weather was better, but I think we got most of the hard-core people on Friday.  It started to snow at 11:50, so we loaded up Mom's giant chair with the leftovers and headed straight to Goodwill.

I've never been so happy to get things out of my house--or so grateful to Mom!  We netted close to $300 AND cleared out a ton of room.

Now, I just need to get my house back in order.

I might need another spring break for that :)

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