Wednesday, March 9, 2011

That's my hip.

Last night, it was nearing bed-time for me (not David so much) so he was chilling in the bed getting some Cactus time in.  Since I have an anterior placenta* it'll be longer before David can feel the little guy's jabs.  In the meantime, we play a game called "Guess Where Cactus Is."  It's fun--basically we poke around on my gut until we find a lump.

Yeah, now that I type it, it sounds pretty weird.

Anyway, David was having a hard time finding the little guy until he announced that he finally found him.  

Except he was poking at my hip.

Which you can't really see anymore. David's defense, it does seem a lot like any other gut-covered lump.

I remember when you could see my hips.  Those were the days.  

In other news, Lent starts today.  I've heard several GREAT ideas about what to give up for Lent: fried food, fast food, chocolate. However, due to my current impregnanted state, I feel that giving up any of these would most definitely induce a psychotic break.  I am opting out this year. 

I figure giving up alcohol, sushi, lunch meat, tuna, caffeine, biking, running fast, artificial sweeteners, AND my waist are enough. 

*Having an anterior placenta isn't a big deal--it just means that the placenta stuck on my front instead of near my back.  Totally healthy, but it'll be harder to feel/see the Cactus moving around down there.  I'm feeling him, but he's still pretty soft and gentle.  No worries, says the doctor.


  1. My husband just in the last 2 weeks started to feel our little elephant. *you have a cactus, we have an elephant*. I am happy that I still consider her jabs to be light. I am not looking forward to when she gets her soccer legs or her dancing feet.

  2. I too have an anterior placenta! But i sure look forward to hubby being able to feel him! Hopefully sooner than later!