Thursday, June 2, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Lately, I've been quite a bit more lethargic than I typically am...which I realized over the weekend when I watched several episodes of Extreme Couponing in a row.

I hadn't ever seen this show...and couldn't turn it off.  I also couldn't make myself be productive (or even constructive), so I watched.

First of all--I think these women must have a single-minded focus on saving money.  It's impressive to walk out of a store with $2700 worth of merchandise for like $30 or something like that.  However, I have no desire to start doing this--I have a fear of too much junk (I think the baby makes me want to purge like crazy) and these people are accumulating stuff just because it's free.  Seriously, they had these twins on who had HUGE stockpiles of diapers--but neither had kids or was even considering kids in the near future.  They just stored it.

This other lady had over 400 rolls of toilet paper stored in her shower.  I think I would rather have that shower usable.

They also showed this couple who managed to do two months of grocery shopping in one run--but that means that they're eating NOTHING fresh and won't be having dairy very long into that two months.  I have no desire to eat that much processed food--because she didn't buy anything that could be considered "ingredients."  It was all pre-made and pre-packaged.

Yeah, that whole thing is so not for me.  I think I'll keep shopping for generics and at the Farmer's Market.  Of course, the people who are into this problem think I'm nutso for trying to run while pregnant.  It takes all kinds, right?


  1. I'm not sure I will ever get over the "pantry safe" milk here, but I won't lie, since we have the space to store a two month supply, we rarely run out of milk. =)

  2. I'm with you...the first thing I said when I saw an episode was "Do you think they eat fruit ever?"