Monday, June 13, 2011

Lebanon Baby Shower

This past weekend, David and I traveled to his hometown for a baby shower.

It was awesome--David's parents have some really creative friends, so the decor was fantastic.
Of course, I only got one photo...because I was too busy eating and looking at everything.
They even used the quilt that Grandma made as part of the decorations.

The tables all had centerpieces that had various owl themes... names we could use "Owlbert, Owlexander" etc and other things from David's childhood.  

We also received some very generous, personal gifts.  The baby might never wear the same outfit more than once for the next 6-9 months :)  He also received a car seat, so he can come home from the hospital!

Outside of the shower, the weekend was pretty good.  We got to spend time in David's home town--we hadn't been there since LAST Easter.
Shameful, I know.

The only shadow over the weekend was that my grandpa went to the hospital so Mom and Grandma weren't able to come.  He's still in the ICU...keep him in your prayers.

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