Friday, June 24, 2011

Room Progress

The room has reached an almost-done stopping point, at least until Papa Brownback comes to town to hang some things on my wall.... so let's check it out!

Here's the changing area/dresser...
The items on the shelves might get shifted around at some point... but I'm happy with it right now.
Of course, it probably won't be this clean or "put away" ever again either.

Here's the crib corner...
Since I have a lot of things hanging on the wall on the right, I decided to go simple above the crib and have just one thing....

And stepping back a bit, looking at the crib.
The little shelf is full of burp pads and other assorted items.

Finally, here's the "empty" wall.

Dad's going to hang this on the wall (because I'm scared to do it).

And also two bookshelves that he is building...he just needs to get to town!

I'm so happy to put that on my "done" list...I've still got a huge list for the next three weeks, but it's coming together!

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