Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I can't make decision

 So...back to shelves.  I cannot make a decision to save my life.

I have decided that there needs to be another shelf.  I just can't decide where.

Here's my first choice--above the original shelf, but pretty darn high.
I'm thinking for "breakables" that the Cactus won't be allowed to touch.  Not that he has any yet, but I'm sure that there will be things that I will need to display and protect, right?

Here's another option--it's what David wants. 
He wants to move the (awesome, btw) orange mirror and place the other shelf staggered like this.
What do you guys think?  I'm not going to rush on this since my drill broke and I have to wait for the new one to get here...but I am getting ready for this room to be done!

Less than seven weeks, people!


  1. I like the orange mirror, would you be putting it up somewhere else in the room if you put the shelf there? They both look nice, I'm no help lol.

  2. Lilly loves to sit up on her changing table. I would recommend not putting anything where little hands will eventually be able to reach them. I love the mirror btw!

  3. I like the orange mirror a lot; however, I like the staggered shelf more. Go with the staggered shelf! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!