Monday, August 27, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

In addition to my Peace Corps Fridays, I would like to start sharing my weekly meal plan with you all.  I think I'll call it Meal Plan Monday.

Creative, yes?

I usually meal plan and shop over the weekends.  It prevents random eating out.  I'm loathe to eat out on random occasions.  This is largely because I enjoy cooking and don't like to spend money.  I feel like eating out should be an event where you get things that you can't purchase at home or a celebration.  There's always exceptions to this rule; however, it's INCREDIBLY rare for me to purchase my lunch or dinner unless pre-planned.  I feel like planning meals saves us money and makes us eat healthier as well.

David, on the other hand, enjoys eating out.  I've been trying to build "Out/Leftover" days into our plan to accommodate him.  Compromise :)
Meal planning also serves to as a calendar of events for me as well.  If David has a softball game or I have book club, it gets added to the schedule so that I can plan appropriately.

With that, I give you Meal Plan Monday #1.

  • Sunday-- Mom and Dad in town
    •  Beef and Broccoli Calzones
  • Monday
    •  Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas
  • Tuesday
    •  Freezer Meal--Telluride Black Bean Tortilla Bake
  • Wednesday--David softball at 6:30
    • Turkey Burgers, Pineapple
  • Thursday
    • Freezer Meal-- Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Shells
  • Friday
    •  Leftovers
  • Saturday-- In Columbia.  Tailgating!
    • Burgers and Chips--Yum, Yum!
    • Peanut Butter Football

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