Friday, August 10, 2012

Peace Corps Email #5


Original Sent Date: November 2, 2004

So, I was on my way home from sending my LAST mass e-mail... I had convinced myself that no one will know I am an American if I don't speak (because I have a big, dorky accent).  Apparently, however, I must have a neon light glowing on my head that says "FREE TRIP TO AMERICA!!" because these two boys started talking to me on the rutierra.  I tried my darndest not to talk to them, but it's really hard to ignore direct questions (especially since I understand them now...).
After a while, I think the baba (elderly lady) behind me must have gotten sick of listening to them, because she told them to be nice and then started whispering insults for me to say in my ear.  I've never been spoon feed insults by a baba before, but they were pretty creative-- she wanted me to say "Your head is too big and ugly for my American tastes."  I would never have thought of that!  Anyway, I start chatting with those two boys, who, incidentally are kind of cute, and they could not get my name right.  We practiced and practiced (it was a long bus ride) but they kept calling me Tasea.  Oh well.  In my village, I got off and they invited me to come home with them.
Like the respectful woman I am, I said no... and then told them I had to go study.  I walked away as one of the boys was busy, with the other one glued to my hip. Apparently, the other one didn't like this and came SPRINTING after us, waving his hands and screaming "TASEA TASEA PICK ME PICK ME."  Seriously, geez.  I told them that I always study and didn't know my own phone number or have a cell phone (why?  Because I'm stupid-- they were cute...) so they told me that they would wait for me while I studied and walk me home.  A little freaked out, I assured them I did not need company.  At school, I made the gardener walk me home, but I had to wait for him to drink some vodka.  Oh Moldova...
How was Halloween?  I went pretend trick or treating at the neighbors and apparently said "Give me candy or I'll poop on you."  The verbs for pooping and tricking are very similar and I couldn't quite master them.
Just another instance when I've been that stupid, naive American...
So, that's all I've got for today.  About 30 volunteers have rented an apartment in Chisinau at the
only place that has CNN, to watch the elections.   Woooooooo.... I get to hang out with overly political people on election day!
 I think my internet time is short, so I won't be able to reply to everyone separately.... take care and I
miss you all... maybe I miss bathing more, but you all are a close second.


Dressed up for Halloween

Me and an Ass

Orhei Vechi

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