Friday, August 24, 2012

Peace Corps Email #7

 Original Sent Date: November 26, 2004


So the other day, I got congratulated on having all my teeth.  After the initial congrats, I was then asked to open my mouth for all to see and inspect.  They were in shock that they're all mine.  So thanks, Dr. Bob, Jay, and Michelle.  I've won Moldovan hearts with my teeth.

I moved to my new village, and I think I live in the lap of luxury.  We've got a toilet AND a bathtub.  Of
course, water isn't exactly what you could call reliable, but I'm dealing with it.  I still only bathe twice-a-week-ish (water is expensive!), but it's a lot easier to do now.

How was Thanksgiving for everyone?  I spent it in Chisinau (the capital) with all the Americans.  We
cooked a HUGE meal for 200 people (I was in charge of carrots and pumpkin... I hate those things now) and all drank away our homesickness...  It was so weird not to be with all the family and back home.  But, it did snow.  A lot.  Like 6 inches, if I had a way to measure in inches here.  It's cold, but I have no concept of what the temperature is because it's all in Celsius and I'm too lazy to convert it.  Eh.

Ok, I've had requests for my address again.  I feel like all I do with these mass e-mails is beg for letters, but oh well.  The postal system is so corrupt, so postcards might be more likely to actually MAKE it to me.  Oh well.

Darcie Brownback

Darcie Brownback
Deleted again

Both work, but if it's important things, the first address might be more secure.  Who knows, in this

In Moldova, I've learned some new superstitions... I think I'll share.

1.  If you have cold hands you'll have a hot husband.
2.  Yellow flowers are for the dead.
3.  Giving even number of flowers is a sign of hatred.
4.  If you sit on the ground, you'll freeze your ovaries (applies to men and women)
5.  Whistling in the house is HORRIBLE.
6.  If you sit at the corner of a table, you'll never get married.

That's all I've got for right now...  I miss you all.



My training village at swearing-in

My home in Calarasi-- I live in the garage apartment

The broken ferris wheel in Calarasi's city park

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  1. OMG - sometimes I think we must have sent the EXACTLY same messages home. Also, to this day if I hear people whistling it freaks me out - and I can't sit at the corner of a table without thinking I'll get yelled at...