Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Labor Day

Sad news:
David didn't do the pizza challenge--they didn't have any more spots for a while and his friend left town this morning.
I'm sad for him, but happy for his heart.
That is so not healthy.

So, we spent the weekend dog sitting, avoiding the heat, eating BBQ (provided by our friends Bob & Lindsay two different nights!), seeing a movie, and watching Women's Softball.

Yes, women's softball.  David's obsessed.
I have taken to napping while it's on.

On Sunday, we took the two dogs on a walk together.  
It was SIGNIFICANTLY hotter on Sunday than it was on Saturday, so the walk was shortened to two miles (we did 3 on Saturday) and ended with a dip in the river.

Maggie acts like she's dying for most of the walk, but really perks up at the idea of water.

Nevermind that I give her a drink every half mile, 
it's tough for her to be outside.

Dad says it's like going on a walk in 90 degree weather 
while wearing a 40 lb fur coat.
Poor baby.
Doesn't she look like a manatee?

Linus, the dog we were watching, was less than thrilled than Maggie about the river.
Maybe it was just that he wasn't as close to heat stroke as she was, but he had to be "convinced" to get in. 
And by convinced, I mean thrown.
Before you get mad at us, Linus wore a leash and we had his owner's permission to take him swimming.
It might not have been explicit permission to throw him in, but we sent a video of the spectacle to her and she seemed to enjoy it :)


  1. Haha! My Roxy would love to run in the water but my Moose not so much. She hates to be wet and would give the look of death if I even tried to get her 90 pound hide in the water.

  2. Love this post! Being a very "throw that pup out into the world" dog-mama, I completely support the tossing in of Mr. Linus. How else will he learn not to be afraid? It was an especially great activity since he came home quite tuckered out and allowed his sleep-deprived mama to rest up. Let me know the next time you go on the walk/river extravaganza and we'll meet you there! -Erica (and Linus)

  3. ...and thank you, so much, for taking such great care of him!