Monday, August 9, 2010

10 years

On Saturday, I met up with some of my old classmates for our 10 year reunion.


It doesn't look like there are a ton of us, but it's not bad considering that only 42 people were in the class.

This group actually all started kindergarten together.
We decided it would be cute to pose in our old classroom...sadly, Mrs. Dawson has retired.

We met at Buzzard's for lunch and then got a tour of the elementary/middle/high school.  It wasn't that big of a deal--all three "schools" are in two buildings across the street for another.
David found this gem while wandering around.  
Thanks, hun.

After that, we went to Topeka, ate dinner, and went bowling.

I stink at bowling, but I am really good at drinking.

I also managed to convince some of the people to come back to my parent's house and raid the beer room.  I think I finally stumbled to bed about 3am, which is way too old for lame me.

I woke up with a headache and to this...
David informed me that I drank several bottles of champagne and threw a frog at a girl that I've known since I was born.

On Friday, on the way into town, David and I stopped in LaCygne and went to an auction.

We bought some awesome stuff...
First, David bought a fireman's suit.  I need to get a picture of that, but it's 103 degrees today.  Not appropriate weather for fire suit photo shoots.
I spent a dollar on this hat...but then was informed that it came with a ratty recliner.
Luckily, my Uncle Larry hauled the recliner to some barn in the country.  Yes!
Mom bought this... I think it's really cool.  She didn't give it to me, though.  Sad.
And this hat came with a pitcher I bought... I think Grandma looks bad-ass.

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