Monday, August 30, 2010

Rascal Flatts

On Friday night, Steph, Martha, Nick & I went to see Rascal Flatts at Verizon.  Nick didn't realize that he would be the only guy, but he handled the night pretty well.
Mostly, we made him our personal photographer.
We found some random liquor booth where they made us delicious drinks in guitar-shaped cups.

I really liked my guitar full of yumminess.

The concert itself was cute.  I'm not the biggest Rascal Flatts fan, but for $10 you really can't complain.  Steph and I spent a lot of the concert dancing like idiots and trying to pick Martha & Nick's wedding song.

I don't think we convinced them to use Rascal Flatts in their wedding, but we gave it a solid try.

I think there were some highschoolers who were out of their parents' line of vision for the first time ever.
Serious PDA issues.
Ok, maybe they weren't highschoolers (note the beer), but they were still inappropriate.

Not as inappropriate as some of the outfits.
I don't think I've seen overalls in public in 10 years...unless you're thinking about my grandpa, who totally rocks his overalls.

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