Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I went on a long run on Saturday, wearing my new favorite shirt...

Seriously, I love this shirt.  

The only problem.... the shirt gave me some major chafing issues.
Yeah, I know you can't really see it.  But trust me... the underside of both of my arms was rubbed RAW from the seams on my new favorite shirt. 
 I didn't have this problem the other time I wore it...but it was only on a speed run.  Turns out, I'm going to need to use some body glide before using it on another long run.

I was OUCHY, but discovered a new secret weapon in the running war (for the record, it's me vs. my body).

Yep, diaper rash ointment.  I smell like a diaper, but my chafing was gone by Sunday evening.

Honestly, though... I bought the Walgreen's brand.  I'm cheap like that.

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