Monday, August 23, 2010


On Friday, David and I went to Illinois to watch races with his friend Bob and Bob's wife Lindsay.

We went for the last Party on the Park where you pay some small cover and have a buffet dinner and unlimited $1 booze...which would have been awesome had I not had a 14 mile run on Saturday and been able to drink.

Still, it was fun.  We ate some fried food (actually, a bit too much fried food) and wagered on horses.  The first race had a horse named Maggie Bee.  Of course, we bet on her since she shared a name with our Maggie Roo... and Maggie Bee won!

I spent most of the night trying to convince David that he should bet on animals with silly names.  
He didn't listen, no matter how hard I tried...

But I convinced Lindsay to bet on a horse named Mark the Cat.

Mark lost.  Poor Lindsay.

Bob was suckered into "buying" this silly bucket for $5.  Even though it said Sam on the bottom and seemed useless...useless, until it became a hat.

It started raining on the way out and Lindsay commandeered the bucket.

Sorry for the's hard to walk and take night shots :)

We hit the world's largest rainstorm on the way home...seriously, we were doing 20ish mph on the interstate.  It was scary, but it made me really grateful for my run-imposed sobriety.  I don't think anyone should have been driving during that monsoon with a single drink.

Someone was looking out for us!

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