Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hello, world! 
Over the weekend, David and I traveled to Memphis to celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary.
It was fantastic--a short trip, but, all in all fun all around.

We started off by a trip to Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ Restaurant.
It was the best BBQ of my life.

As evidenced by the EMPTY plates and the smile on my face.
That was some good BBQ.  OMG.
We spent the rest of the evening wandering around Beale Street, enjoying some people watching.

The next morning, we got up and headed over to the Peabody to watch the ducks.

It was really fun watching the spectacle, but more fun seeing how excited it made ALL of the little kids.

Next, we headed over to the Gibson Guitar factory and got a tour.

They don't allow photography on the tour, but I managed to snap one of us in our rocking safety glasses.
Aren't we cute?

It turned out that there was a Justin Bieber next door our hotel...and he was staying in our hotel.  
I've never seen so many giddy, hyper, sparkling little girls in my life.
Seriously, there were girls stalking the tour bus parked outside and lots of squealing.
We never ended up with a Bieber spotting, but some girl on our elevator got a picture with his choreographer.

So... we avoided that area and decided to nap instead.

When we woke up, we wandered around Beale Street some more, posing in shops.
Then we decided to watch the sunset on the roof of the Peabody.
We also got to see where the ducks live when they're not in the fountain.
While walking into the Peabody, we noticed a FANCY car and a very tall man getting out of it with a girl in a wedding dress....and, as we walked around, there were an absurd amount of tall men.  After Steve Franklin (note: I didn't know who this was... apparently he's an NBA guy) got off our elevator, David decided that we were in the midst of an NBA wedding.  Still not sure who got married, but that's pretty awesome.
The next morning, we celebrated our anniversary.  David surprised me with the most amazing coat I've ever seen.
I wish it was cold so I could wear it.
Then David got his photo with a former Mizzou player :)

We decided to go to Mud Island...but museum was closed because the excessive humidity killed the ac.

That's really humid, btw.
But we wandered around the outdoors area anyway.

David got his photo with as close to Graceland as I would let him go ;)
We stayed as long as we could until the heat kicked us out.

On our way home, we went back to Interstate BBQ.
And, again, ordered way too much.  It was fantastic, but I didn't do as good a job of cleaning my plate as the day before.  
Shame on me.

Then we headed home, full and happy.
It was a great trip--and a great way to start year two of our lives together.

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