Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Millions of peaches...

School started today!  We went back to work last Wednesday; however, for some reason, it was a no work day yesterday.
I'm not going to lie... a three day weekend was nice, even though I had only worked a total of three days so far :)

To celebrate our last day of freedom, I went peach picking with Martha and Nina.

The peaches were glorious.  It was really hard to restrain myself (they pick a lot faster than blackberries), and my basket filled up a little too fast.

The only gross part was that there were so many peaches on the tress that some were falling off and rotting on the ground.

Ewww.  Maggie totally cleaned off my flip flops when I got home.

Since I netted 10 pounds of peaches (at a mere $1/pound!), I made 2 clobbers yesterday.

I think cobblers are pretty.

I also DEEP-CLEANED my house.  Typically, floors are David's responsibility.  Since he broke his arm, he's been unable to keep up with the task.  And before that, well, we were gone a lot.  A lot of both of our responsibilities got neglected :)
Here's the hair.  
Our bedroom.  Notice the quarter for scale.

The guest room.  Pile's smaller.

Main living/dining area.

Good God, Maggie.  It's a good thing I love you!

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