Monday, May 9, 2011

Almost-A-Mother's Day

Our weekend was pretty low-key.  I was originally supposed to go to DC for my darling Nate's wedding, but was unable to go (stupid hip pain).  I was then planning to go to KS for the weekend, but felt like poop on Friday.

I ended up sleeping from the second I got home from work at 3pm until 7pm.
Then I sat on the couch until I went back to bed.

I didn't even eat dinner.

After two easy trimesters, I think the third might get kind of rough.

But it's ok--less than 10 weeks until The Cactus's ETA.

Saturday was another low key day.  
I got some groceries and went for a swim.

David had some friends over to watch some boxing was fun, even though I had no idea how to tell if someone's "winning" other than they're bleeding.  And, apparently, that doesn't always indicate winning.

Sunday, we slept in.  As in I slept until 8am.

It was a miracle! 

David also celebrated my Almost-A-Mother's Day.  He's sweet.
 He got me Easy Feet... 
apparently because he doesn't think I can reach my feet anymore.
 He said I should't post the above picture because I look less than thrilled about my new foot cleaning system.
I just told him I didn't know my feet were that dirty.
And I can still reach them :)

Still though, thoughtful gift for a preggo.  :)

But not as cute as the little think I'm holding...
 A tiny crystal owl!
How cute is that?
I love it--once I get the shelves up in the nursery, it's got a prime location.

I also scored some sweet flowers.
I told David to be careful-- 
when the baby is actually outside of me, he's got to top this :)

And... so you all can enjoy, here's my 30 week bump pic!
I told my friend Guinn on the phone that I think I'm sticking out about 6 inches past the boobs.

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