Sunday, May 22, 2011


 On the 13th, the middle school had it's end-of-year bash.  I'm always impressed at how fun they manage to make a work party--but it probably helps that it's off-site AND has an open bar.
Even though the open bar and I weren't friends this year, I still enjoyed myself--they had an adult balloon maker come to the party.
Yes, adult.  Weird.  Luckily for me, my table was the first one he approached, so he did non-adult balloons for us.  Later on in the evening, they got a little more risqué...which probably would have made me REALLY uncomfortable.

At any rate, Henselface got an awesome fish...seriously--look at those bubbles!

He made me this poodle...but not just any poodle.  It was a pregnant poodle!
Do you see the tiny balloon in the middle?  How great is that?

You can't really see Kelly's in this picture, but it's a really elaborate monkey on a palm tree.

I'm thinking that someday, The Cactus will get a balloon animal party...but probably not "adult" balloon animals :)

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