Thursday, May 5, 2011


Last night,David and I attended the Cardinal's game...
Aren't we cute?

David managed to score AWESOME seats at the last minute. 
We were about two rows behind the coveted green seats...and close enough to get a toosh shot of my man, Holliday.


The game was fun, even though it was cold and we played like poop.
Seriously.  4 errors.
Not cool, guys.

Around the 6th inning, David wandered off to "go to the bathroom" and returned about 30 minutes later with these t-shirts. 
How cute is that? 
He bought matching father-son shirts and went with Holliday.  He wanted to get one for me too, but I told him  it looks better when he matches the son.  I think it might be a little creepy if The Cactus starts dressing like me :)
Apparently, while he was checking out, he had  a LOOONG conversation with the cashier.  After telling him that it was darling he wanted to match his son, she preceded to ask him if he was married to his baby momma.

David said yes, sure was.

She told him that was good.

Because "People ask fewer questions that way."


I love that David apparently had a 10 minute conversation with his cashier.

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