Monday, May 2, 2011

Gallery Wall... Complete (for now)

If you remember, last week I posted the paper-taped-idea of the basic shape of a gallery wall in our living room.

Here it is below...

 This weekend I managed to get out my hammer and put things on the wall.

Check it out!
You'll be happy to see that David enjoys the gallery wall as well.
Actually, I think he was watching the Will and Kate Lifetime movie and couldn't be bothered to move.
For the record, watching this movie was not my choice.  
My husband is unique.

Here's a close up of the frames.
A lot of the "stuff" inside will be these are just placeholders.  
The two floral prints are actually napkins (I talked about them in this post).
My favorite "not staying" picture is the one just to the right of the B... it's David and I on our honeymoon cruise.  We're not actually outside, and this picture makes me laugh because we're so darn cheesy.
Oh and below the B is a picture of David and his parent's cat.  
Cute, but also changing.

I think right now, my favorite thing is the heart in the upper left.  It was a wedding gift from family friends, Fred and Lucille.  Fred passed away this past winter, but Lucille is still hanging in there.
Growing up, Fred and Lucille were like in-town grandparents to my siblings and me--we always visited them for holidays and Lucille would say, "Goodness gracious, goodness gracious. Take off your coats.  You're going to smother.  Let me get you a coke."  Fred would turn on his hearing aide which he often left off when it was just he and Lucille at home :)  They would lock their poodle (usually named Bozo) in the bathroom for our visit and he would bark the entire time.
Darling people.
My senior year of college, Fred and Lucille moved into a nursing home in Junction City.  My family helped them clean out their house (and even adopted a stray they had been feeding--we named the cat Lucille).  For my practicum that year, I spent a lot of time in Junction City, so I would pop in and visit before heading back to Manhattan.  Fred and Lucille have been a special part of my life for as long as I can remember.
For our wedding, Lucille wanted to give me something from their former home--and that heart was it.  
Their daughter, Deanna, had it mounted and framed.  
I loved it, but never really felt like it "went" anywhere in our house...until now.

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  1. Just for the record-- the damn cat does not belong to David's parents. The sorry-ass , constantly shedding furball belongs to David's sister who abandoned the wretched creature when she left for college in 2002 and has yet to acknowledge her responsibilities or pay the boarding fees for this miserable feline miscreant.