Friday, May 6, 2011

Empty can't just leave that!

Now that the Cactus has a dresser,
I'm starting to think about the only empty wall.
Because I CANNOT just leave a wall without something.
That's just crazy.

So here's the corner/wall that's empty.
I'm willing to shift or move the chair as needed...
My options for filling it are pretty varied.  I'm not thinking art so much as I am storage.

On our target registry, I have this bookcase.
It's simple and it has a teeny drawer.  It's about $100, which isn't terrible, but is also the most expensive option.

And that's the only pre-fabricated thing on my inspiration list.

I saw these on a Blog... and I wouldn't do gold rods, but it could be cool for storage.  And I have some random fabric left over.
With that, I would actually probably do several rows.
Too much?  Too pokey-out?

Next up, there are these fabric book slings.
This would stick out less than the one above and could add a pop of color....

The final inspiration I would probably beg my father to make.
He's handy like that.
I like that you can actually see the names of the books.
cg bracket bookshelves 1
And I could paint them orange.  I think I would leave off the decorative scroll thing on the side, though.

What do you think?  Any winners here?

Should I figure out a combo of multiple ones?


  1. I definitely like the last 2 the best. We have TONS of books and are constantly looking for more storage for them. Those would be perfect right next to the chair for bedtime reading.

  2. I like the fabric book slings. Tall furniture and babies is dangerous!

  3. I'm with Sarah, the last two are my favs with probably the last one as my absolutely fav.

  4. Sarah #2 agrees with Sarah #1!!